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About Us

Hi there! My name is Linda May Martin and I am the owner of


Here I am with my brother Julian and Maria, Designer of Octopus Copenhagen, at her office in Copenhagen.


You love unique design and fashion. You enjoy fun colors and functionality! You like having accessories that get noticed and admired. You also care about the environment and admire beautiful things created from recycled materials!

If this is YOU, you have come to the right place. Octopus Copenhagen is a Danish brand of handbags and accessories designed by Maria Fodeh Christensen and Kenny Berglund Christensen. These bags are all unique, colorful and eye-catching. They are handmade from recycled genuine and unused leather from other productions. With Octopus, indulge in great design and do it with a clear conscious, knowing that these bags and accessories are eco-friendly.

I saw my first Octopus handbag years ago on my annual summer visit to Denmark. My cousin had one. I’d never seen such a cool handbag before and I knew I had to own one myself. It started with one bag and over the years it became a tradition to buy a new style each summer which resulted in a small collection of Octopus handbags.

I live with my husband and kids in Houston, Texas, where I get compliments on my Octopus handbags everywhere I go. My bags never go unnoticed by men and women of all ages. So I thought: “There must be an opportunity here!” With the support of my family, my brother, Julian in particular, I contacted Octopus Copenhagen’s CEO, Steen Christensen and told him I’d like to bring Octopus to America and naturally he thought that was a great idea.



Here is Octopus Copenhagen's own story from their website


Maria Fodeh Christensen and Kenny Berglund Christensen


"In the year of 2000, in a very dark part of Copenhagen, in a small private apartment, at a fragile kitchen table, the charming story of Octopus started.

The stylish accessories with a touch of rock and roll created by the hands of Maria Fodeh Christensen were meant to be a spare time hobby, since Maria and her husband Kenny Christensen were both involved in serious studies at the University of Copenhagen.

But the unique and raw design of e.g. bags, belts and jewelleries made strong noise in the surroundings. Friends, family, rock stars and other celebrities were queuing up to acquire the precious items. It rapidly became obvious that the creative talent of Maria was outstanding and soon it was too late to let down the spare time project. Instead the studies were put aside and in 2005

Today, 12 years later Octopus has turned into a massive design- and business success and Octopus is a respected brand well known by most females in Denmark. The women seems to love the colourful and raw products and the characteristic leather bags are seen everywhere on the streets.

The great success in Denmark has created a strong platform for international distribution possibilities and Octopus is ready to conquer other markets. Within the last years contracts has been signed with some of the most capable distributors in Northern Europe.

To be continued……"



Drum Roll…….and now available in the USA, in our web shop:

Octopus Copenhagen!


Here is what some of our customers have to say about Octopus handbags:

“Wonderful bags and accessories, they look, smell and feel soo good.” -Charlotte Rhodes

“I love these bags and also the cool accessories such as the colorful key chains and iPhone covers.” -Christina Clark


This is a video from Club Takao taken at The Magic Show in Las Vegas.  Check out our interview starting at the 17:34 minute.


“Each and every bag and purse is unique – no two are alike”

“The colors and designs of the bags are daring, eye-catching and commercial”

“The braided design technique is inspired by vintage hippie styles from the sixties”

“They appeal to different personalities of all ages”

“The handbags and purses can be used for everyday activities as well as special occasions”


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