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Reduce Reuse Recycle!

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Hello everybody! 

Well I have not used this blog option before, but I thought of something I'd like to share with my customers and this might be a good place to do so? 

I'm a wannabe environmentalist. ;) 

That said, I do my best to protect our environment. I love Octopus bags, because they are made from reused materials. At least our braided bags are. The leather is leftover scraps from other leather productions, such as shoes and clothing etc. These scraps that would otherwise be thrown away are used to make the beautiful bags you see in my webshop. That is so cool!

So, as I ship these bags to you all over the world, I buy all these boxes to ship them in. But you know what? I also buy things that are shipped to me in boxes and I flatten them and put them in my recycling bin. But it has ocurred to me that is is such a waste! So from now on, if these boxes are in good shape I am going to reuse them in the name of the 3 R's. I will make sure there are no other logos on the boxes (apart from the box manufacturer's) and clean them up as best I can to ship octopus bags to you. 

I hope you have no objections? If you'd prefer a new box, please write it in the comments section when you make your purchase and I will send your order in a new box. 

Have a great day!


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